How it works

1. Contact us with pictures and a brief explanation of the damage.

2. We will provide you an estimate for the cost of repair.  This may include more than one option, depending on the type of damage incurred and where the damage is located.  We will give you an estimated time for completion at this point as well.

3. If you agree to the quote, we will issue a return number for you to include with your bike.

4. You can ship your frame to us, or if you live in Southern Ontario we might be able to arrange a pickup or drop off.  This may not require the bike to be fully stripped down to the frame and may save some expense.  We have an experienced bike mechanic who will ensure all components safe and protected during repair.

5. We will notify you when your package is received and verify that the damage is as we expected.  We then use non destructive techniques to find any unseen damage.

6. The repair is conducted.  This process will vary depending on the damage, we will provide more detailed information to you when quoted.  This can take as little as one day or several days.  

7. When the resin is cured properly the repair can be painted.  Damaged decals can also be replaced or covered over.  At present we outsource full frame repainting as needed.

8. Invoice is sent out.  Payment can be made with any major credit card, cash, or cheque.

9. Once the invoice is paid your carefully packaged frame will be shipped back to you.  Or we can arrange to pickup or drop off and you can pay in person.